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PulsedMagnetics.us is part of a network of global distributors of non-invasive magnetic pulse therapy equipment that are committed to providing state of the art PEMF devices proven to enrich the quality of life and health of our clients. All products are backed by a five (5) year warranty from the date of original purchase. In the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, we will repair the product to its original operating condition or replace it. The Company is owned by David Burke. The Pain management team is ready to help you anytime. Call for an appointment.

Tim and David
The Pulsed Magnetics Team
PEMF- As seen on the Dr. Oz Show!!

PEMF technology has revolutionized Pulsed Magnetic Therapy. The PMT-120 device has shown amazing results in both humans and animals.

This non-invasive way to treat people and animals is the obvious wave of the future! Join us, you will be amazed and glad you did.

With more than 40 years of clinical studies, researchers believe that the pulsed signal nudges the body's chemistry so the healing process may proceed more rapidly.

Doctors Share Their PEMF Experience:

Fox News Health report with Dr. Manny Alvarez:

A personal testimonial from Dan Cummings, professional power lifter:


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Medical Disclaimer: 

The information provided on this website is not medical advice. Readers are encouraged to obtain the help, services and recommendations of healthcare practitioners. The webmaster and no one listed on this website are medically trained and we are selling this product as a business and for profit.

Please read and heed all the information provided from your practitioner and in the manual provided with the products we sell. 

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